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Our bankruptcy attorneys represent creditors, debtors, asset sellers and purchasers, trustees, landlords and tenants.  Our attorneys represent creditors and debtors asserting their rights in state and federal courts across the state of Tennessee.  Our bankruptcy attorneys are licensed to practice in the Eastern District of Tennessee.


Our attorneys help you with all of your business and commercial matters.   Business entity formation, counsel for corporate board of directors, management of corporate intangibles, executive consultation, corporate document preparation, corporate due diligence, purchase an existing business, negotiating contracts, entering into agreements with other businesses as well as other corporate transactions.


Our attorneys have worked with clients with simple to complex litigation cases to obtain both money judgments and declaratory relief for a wide range of legal issues including:  contract disputes, land-boundary disputes, employment law, construction law, and other areas within civil law. 

In dealing with complex issues with and between commercial parties, we represent our clients' interests related to debt collection, contract disputes, improper business practices, and other related areas of contention with businesses.


Our family law attorneys provide experience for the complex, often challenging areas of family & juvenile law.  These areas include: divorce, alimony, child support, child custody, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, and trust and estate litigation.


Mediation provides clients with an alternative resolution to disputes.  Cases can often be resolved through mediation resulting in the parties avoiding costly litigation expenses through the court and results in an efficient and expedient manner.


Our estate planning attorneys can assist you in preparing your Last Will & Testament, Living Will, General Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare , and in the creation of trusts for the benefit of your loved ones.  Our attorneys can help designate how your assets and belongings will be distributed to your loved ones and can assist in preventing any unnecessary tax consequences for your estate.  

Have a probate matter?  Our estate administration attorneys can assist in the legal aspects and probate of your estate as well as providing services to the estate where an administrator or executor is needed.  Estate administration can sometimes involve complex litigation among parties claiming an interest in the estate.  

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